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Increase Work Efficiency & Reduce Dropouts

client review

Agencies Reviews

Recruitment agencies can ask rating on their hiring skills and technical expertise from their clients. Best rated staffing agencies are hired by companies.

client review

Company Reviews

For sourcing decision, instantreview is your partner to know about the employers, their hiring process & procedures. Rate your client to increase work efficency and reduce unproductivity.

candidate review

Candidate Reviews

We understand the effort placement consultants put to source candidate. But the candidates dropout at the last moment before joining date.Review candidates and help reduce dropouts. Recruitment agencies can track and review their employment & offer histories.


Every Review Matters..

InstantReview is an online review platform dedicated to staffing agencies and companies. Companies can review recruitment agencies and vice versa on their hiring practices. We want to build a simple and helpful platform for better client acquisition, understand candidate background, and have more authentic connections with each other. Online reviews help companies & placement consultants to see candidates past behavior and rate them accordingly for future experiences.

Why Reviews Matter?

Companies and recruitment agencies are likely to take services from the business houses that have excellent company reviews
Agencies and Companies can save lots of productive hours by avoiding unethical or low rated business houses. They can search for reviews or review others to save themselves and others from misdeeds.
Last minute candidate dropout is quite common in the recruitment industry. InstantReview provides an online review platform that can be used for reviewing candidates when they drop out at last minute. This adds negative impact in their profile and caution them for any such future misdeed.